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From kirana stores to shopping malls, centre of the city to the middle of a highway. Have a space where a customer can spend anywhere between 50 minutes to over 2 hours? Become a TruePower Host today with just a few simple requirements.
Requirements :
Area: >500 sqft
Investment: 14L and above for DC fast charging stations & 1L and above for AC charging stations. (This is only the base model. Certain areas may require extended investment)
Model: Revenue Share with 80% profits to host

Master Distributor

Interested in helping us partner with EV enthusiasts across regions? Join the TruePower family as a master distributor!

Requirements :

On-time setting up of stations (Infrastructure and other requirements should be taken care of)

Give forecasts of how many stations will be setup and the number of chargers needed in advance.

Secure facility to stock a minimum inventory of 100 AC chargers and 10 DC fast chargers.

Who We Are Looking For?

No experience in EVs?
That’s alright! Pioneers in
what you already do?
Folks that have an passion for
EVs and moving towards
People who are ready to
start small
and scale big

How to Become a Host or a Distributor?

With our top of the industry sales team, becoming one of us is just a few steps away!

Search Charge Stations

Locate a TruePower charger near you. Our EV chargers are currently present in captive locations for closed EV user groups. We are now in the process of setting up a robust network of EV charging infrastructure in various locations to fulfill the expectations of hosts and EV users.

EV Charging Stations by TruePower.Locate a TruePower charger near you.
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