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We’re TruePower. We want to democratise power.
And make e-mobility a reality for every Indian driver.
We exist to help you set things right with the planet.
A brainchild of Enercent Ltd., TruePower exists solely for one reason, and one reason alone:
To make your EV charging experience a delightful and a fulfilling one.

Not only have we ironed out every EV charging wrinkle,
but we have also built entire experiential zones around our charging stations.
RANGE ANXIETYrange anxietyDiscover, reserve, and use charging stationsdividerEconomical and ROI driven
STANDARDSstandardsMeasure, control, and optimise charging plansdividerEVSE monetised into Capex Plan
GRIDSgridsMultiple source measure and billing: Grid/Solar/DG/OthersdividerIntelligent energy prediction
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