TruePower for dummies.

1. What is True Power?TruePower seeks to democratize power by making e- mobility a reality for every Indian driver who wants to set things right with the planet.
2. What is the process from registration/Log In??Download TruePower App from play store /iPhone App store.A. Open the app, 'Click on create an account' Enter your name and mobile number and move on to the next step.B. If you are already a registered member, you will only have to enter your mobile number.C. Once done you will get an OTP by an SMS, enter the OTP and start.D. If you are a first-time user, go to profile add your details and save.
3. How do I find or locate a charger for my car?Open the app, the home screen will show you the nearby charging station.Click on the direction icon and you will be redirected to the charging station through google maps.If you are not able to find a charging station in your home screen, you can zoom out and see all the TruePower charging stations available near you.Please save your favorite charging station near your Home/ Office to get it instantly on the home screen
4. How to book a charger for charging?Click on the book icon, select the connector type, Select duration by using the slider and time slots and click on book session.
5. How do I know if the charger is compatible with my car?On the home screen of the charging station, The type of charger has been mentioned. We only support AC Type 2, CCS, and CHAdeMo
6. What is a wallet?The wallet will be used to load amounts for charging the EV.
7. How to recharge my wallet?Step 1: Click on the Wallet tabStep 2: Tap on Add fundsStep 3: Add AmountStep 4: Type your Email id and proceed with the preferred payment gateways
8. How do I know the cost required for charging my car?On the booking screen, you will find “Estimated cost of charging”, the actual cost may vary depending on your start and end time or total hours of charging wrt to charger types and the charging station availability.
9. What are the supported payment gateways?Card: Visa, MasterCard, Rupay & more.UPI: Google Pay, PhonePe & more.Netbanking: All Indian banks.Wallet: PhonePe, Paytm & more.Pay Later: ICICI Bank PayLater.
10. How to reach the charging location after booking a charger?Click on the direction icon on the booked charging station and you will be redirected to your charging station through google maps.
11. How to find the charger at the location?Once you reach the location you will be redirected towards the charger through various TruePower Banners. If the station has multiple chargers, look for your charger number marked near the charger.
12. Do I need a charging cable?No
13. What are the safety measures I should follow at the charging station?A. Park the car inside the TruePower parking lotB. Park the car at least 2 meters away from the chargerC. Switch off your car, pull the handbrake get out of your car and lock the car Remove the connector cover from your car and plug the charger connector cable tightly with the car connector.
14. What steps should I follow to start charging?After connecting the charging cable with the carClick on the stats icon in the TP app, you will find the upcoming sessions booked. Click on your booked session and “start session”. Your car will start charging in a few minutes.
15. I have started charging in the app but my car is not charging. What should I do?The vehicle will take at least 2-3minute to initiate charging, in case it doesn’t start, follow the following steps.A. Check whether the car is locked or notB. Check whether the charger is switched on or offC. Check whether the connector is properly connectedD. Contact support
16. Can I sit inside the car while it is charging?No, It is recommended to lock your car and stay outside while your car is charging. In case of emergency, you can still lock your car and sit inside while charging.
17. Can I open my car door/unlock my car while charging?No, You should not open the door while charging as your vehicle might disconnect the charging session. Different vehicles react in a different manner and TruePower will not be responsible for any session break due to unlocking the car.
18. Can I remove my charging cable while charging?No, This will be hazardous and can damage your car and as well as the charger.
19. How to stop charging?Go to the stats icon on your home screen, Click on an ongoing session, and 'End session'.
20. The app doesn't show my car charge while charging. How do know my car charge?If you are using a 7.4kW AC charger you will not be able to see the charge percentage, check your dashboard for your vehicle state of charge.If you are using DC fast chargers your vehicle state of charge will reflect in the app under ongoing session.
21. What should I do after I stop charging from the app?End the session in the app, wait for at least 1-2 minutes for the charger to stop charging then unlock the car and remove the connector and keep it back as it was.
22. How to check my charging details?Click on the stats icon, select the last completed session or whichever session details you wish to view your charging details. You will find your entire session details along with prices and invoices.
23. How to download the Invoice?Click on the stats icon, select the last completed session or click on whichever session details you wish to download your invoice, click on the arrow sign on the top right corner of the screen. It will start downloading, once done click on the arrow again and the invoice will open in pdf format.
24. My wallet balance is not reflected after recharge?Check your last money deducted and contact support.
25. There was a power failure while charging my car. What steps should I follow?You should wait for 1-2 minutes for the power to come back. Your charger will automatically resume if the power is not back for more than 1-2 minutes, stop the session, remove the connector and check your invoices. You can contact support for a refund if viable.
26. What are the tariff policies?The tariff policies/rates will differ for each charging station. You can check the rates while booking the charger from the booking screen.
27. Are there any cancellation or Booking charges?Yes, your reservation charges are fixed, and once booked the reservation charges will be deducted on session cancellation or if you do not show up within 5 minutes of your booked slot.
28. What is an EV charger?An EV charger more broadly known as EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) is an equipment that helps you charge your electric vehicles.
29. How do I charge my EV?You can either procure a home EVSE or find the nearest charging station through the TruePower app to charge your vehicle. Depending on the charger you select, you will have to lock the charger gun to your vehicle and charge.
30. What kind of charger do I use to charge my EV?There are different kinds of chargers that can be used to charge your EV. If you are in a hurry and want fast charging you can use the TruePower DC Fast Chargers. Or if you have some time on your hands, you could opt for the TruePower AC Fast Chargers.
31. What exactly does TP provide?TruePower gives you an end-to-end solution for charging your EV. We build extremely agile charging ecosystems that understand the needs of every EV user to give you the best charging experience possible.
32. What is the cost to charge my EV?The cost per unit consumption will be the cost of charging your EV. After connecting your vehicle to the charger, you will be able to see charge per unit.
33. Can I charge my EV at home?Yes. We provide the best of charging solutions that can be deployed even at your doorstep for day to day charging of your EV.

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